So What Do YOU Seek
in a Fine,
Hand Made Rocking Chair?

The Bonn Zero-G, Walnut and Curly Maple custom rocking chair

A beautiful rocking chair must satisfy different needs.

Are you looking for back pain relief, styling, perfect fit, great craftsmanship, or a combination of these?

Rest assured, you are in the right place.

My website is dedicated to giving you information about all aspects of the custom rocker.

I’ll give you the inside scoop, gathered from years of experience designing and building these fabulous pieces.

The Multiple Award-winning Bonn Zero-G Rocking Chair !

As you scan through this site, my hope is that by picking my brain for answers, YOUR mind is put at ease.

Here is a video by the good folks at Bluegrass and Backroads about these rockers.

I’ll help you:

  • Gain confidence in understanding what to look for.
  • Learn what “custom fit” really means and how to achieve it.
  • Understand the differences between a good vs. great rocker.
  • Discover how the design and building process work together to bring you the ultimate in comfort and style.
  • Gather many other useful “nuggets of knowledge”.

There are several reasons why a really great hand made rocker is quite challenging to build.

  • First, a rigid material (wood) needs to be sculpted, shaped and joined to fit a soft material (YOU). Furthermore, it has to accommodate not just any human body, but that of a unique individual (also YOU). I have an entire section devoted to this all important fitting process.
  • Secondly, the chair must be made to carry a person’s weight while tilting back and forth a countless number of times. This motion causes a high degree of stress on its joints (while at the same time relieving stress on yours!) Unfortunately, the vast majority of rockers are stationary chairs with runners applied to their legs. They are simply not designed for rocking forces.
  • Third, it should be inviting to the touch and attractive to behold. If not, it wouldn't serve its intended purpose of providing relaxation for both mind and body.
  • Finally, the right kind of finish is critical for meeting the demands of the location where the rocking chair is used. They are found in offices, dens, family rooms, nurseries, porches, and backwoods cabins, just to name a few. The finish must deliver both beauty and durability.

Combining all this into a beautiful package is quite a feat.

You can see the level of thought and preparation that must go into each chair! The net result, if done right, is a beautiful rocking chair (like my "Zero-G" series) that hits a "sweet spot" of serenity in your busy life.

Christopher M. Krauskopf

Master Furniture Maker

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