The Humble Rocking Chair Brings Peace of Mind
When You Need it Most.

The rocking chair soothes the body and mind with a rhythmic, gentle motion that melts away stress.

While this ability is very important, it's by no means the only benefit. Listed below are other perks people have discovered.

  • Good for babies and their moms!

    The life of a new mother is a very busy one for sure. The most common complaint heard before baby is born is "my sore back!"

    Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can also be difficult for mom. That's where a well designed rocking chair becomes invaluable. Sitting and relaxing sore back muscles feels wonderful. The back and forth motion brings a release of tension too.

    After baby is born, "junior" sometimes gets restless and has a tough time falling to sleep. Once more, in comes the chair.

    Mothers over the years have noticed how the gentle back and forth motion calms baby (and soothes mom). Modern research gives interesting clues about this. Click here to learn more about how rocking is good for mom and baby.

  • Good for adults  There can be little doubt that relaxing in a custom made rocking chair, built specifically for you, is one of those great joys in life. Imagine how good it feels to gently tilt back and forth in the most comfortable chair in the house, especially after a long day on your feet. Stress from work begins to leave your body almost instantly. Before long, your entire mood changes and you feel refreshed. Now imagine doing this each and every day for decades to come! The increased blood circulation to tight and sore muscles helps them to relax and recover more quickly than sitting passively. Here is a great link to a "good for adults" page.

  • Good for seniors

    Senior citizens deserve our respect. The chair has proven to be quite beneficial for their golden years too.

    Seniors who take to rocking rather than sitting passively have been shown to have healthier, more active and enjoyable lives.

    So, grandma's porch chair makes a lot of sense. There is interesting research on the benefit of rocking for seniors.

As you can see, this humble furnishing can have powerful benefits, for a whole lifetime. That's why it is so important to have one that really fits your body to a "T".

A well made, custom fit chair gives a return on investment that you will enjoy for many decades.

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