Custom Rocking Chairs Have a Fitting Process That Require Part Science, Part Artistry and a Lot of Good Old-Fashioned Experience.

In order to make custom rocking chairs that fit right, your body measurements are needed. Otherwise, you may get a chair that does not really fit well and could hardly be called "custom".

Building a chair for a large number of people does not properly serve YOU. The fact is that most chair companies settle for "averages", because it would take too much time, money and effort to develop a really great rocking chair for each person.

Using the "average size" criteria works for them because they are in the market to sell as many rockers as cheaply as possible to the widest segment of the population.

Just remember, don't expect too much out of these inexpensive chairs, especially over the long haul. They are designed with compromises in mind.

Unfortunately, the greatest "compromise" seems to happen to the user's back. It must flex a lot to find some degree of short-lived comfort. Is it any wonder why so many chairs are designed with cushions in mind? The net result of all this and other compromises to the fit, is a rocker that doesn't fit anyone very well.

Now tell me, are you "average"? I didn't think so! You are unique, and that uniqueness requires specific measurements based on your own body, not on someone else's idea of it.

The fitting process for custom rocking chairs is an entirely different proposition, because YOU are the primary focus. The chair is designed, measured and built just for you, not the "average" Jane or Joe.

The benefits of such an approach mean that a beautiful, comfortable chair is made, one that helps your body and mind fully relax while you enjoy a new level of lower back pain relief. Plus, this comfort will last for many years to come. Here's my guarantee.

I've developed a system that matches the length of a specific rocker part to a specific measurement of your body.

An example of this is the distance from the base of the fingers to the elbow. That measurement allows me to make the best rocker arm to fit YOU.

Think of it as having your own tailor for custom rocking chairs.

This system has taken years of work designing and testing rocker parts on a large number of people, so I am confident that it will benefit you too.

After all, building an extraordinarily comfortable, hand made rocking chair that fits YOU to a "T" is the goal. Let me show you the steps I take every time to get the right measurements.

To get a glimpse of how these incredible rockers are made, click here.

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