The Best Adult Rocking Chairs are Built with Your Particular Body Measurements in Mind.

The best adult rocking chairs use your specific measurements so the craftsman knows what size to make each part. Why?

The answer is simple: we come in all different shapes and sizes, so the chair must reflect this fact in order to be truly comfortable.

Unfortunately, the most common approach is to make a "standard-sized" chair to fit the "average" person. This becomes a rocker that doesn't fit anyone very well and often creates uncomfortable pressure points.

Not only that, but it leaves contact gaps in areas that really need good support (like the lower back). The only way to fix this problem is to use cushions to fill spaces and soften pressure points.

When your measurements are taken into account, a much more comfortable rocking chair is made. Cushions are not required because nasty pressure points and areas of poor support are removed.

What you get is a custom adult rocking chair that fully and naturally cradles your body in a relaxed position. This support provides great lower back pain relief too, and that is a beautiful thing!

Here is a video of how I make a beautiful rocker.

The measurement graphic, form and this Measurement Video will help guide you through the process.

Then you can feel confident about getting the right fit. I've also included a description of each measurement so that you can understand its importance. Adult rocking chairs need to fit YOU!

Here's a few tips to simplify things before we start.

  • Have a friend help out for accuracy.
  • Use a yard stick or a tape measure.
  • Find a comfortable chair in which to take measurements.
  • Remove shoes for floor to knee measurements.

By the way, you can use either metric or inch units for the form. I always tell my clients that if there is something unclear or confusing about what you see or read, feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail. I'll be glad to talk to you and clear things up.

I also offer a measuring service if you are not confident about taking measurements yourself.  I will take a rocking chair with me to your residence or office and measure you myself.  

Measuring Service Rates From Louisville, Kentucky

0-75 miles      free

76-150 miles   $ 100.00

151-300 miles    $ 200.00

301-500 miles    $ 300.00

over 500 miles, we will talk.

Another option is to meet me at one of the several furniture shows I attend around the country.  I always display one or two rockers  and can measure you on the spot for free. 

Measurement Descriptions:

  1. Seat to the top of head: this measurement allows for the correct placement of both the lumbar support and headrest top slat. It's important for maximum comfort and lower back pain relief.
  2. Elbow to bottom...YOUR bottom: this measurement makes the location and attachment of the arms to the back slat side rails easier. Be sure to let your shoulders fully relax before measuring so that an elbow pressure point can be avoided.
  3. Elbow to the base of fingers: notice how this measurement is to the base of the fingers where they meet the palm, not the tips. This allows for the best arm rest length for your most comfortable fit.
  4. Back of your bottom to the backside/underside of the knee: this measurement determines how deep to make the seat in order to fully support the bottom and legs.
  5. Back of the knee to the floor: this measurement determines how high the front seat is off the ground to accommodate your lower leg length. It's also important to have your socked foot flat on the floor when measuring.
  6. Distance between the palms: measure with the shoulders comfortably relaxed and elbows bent about 90 degrees, palms facing each other on the outside of the thighs. This gives important information for the best placement of the arms on the front legs.
  7. Hip width: This measurement is taken across the lap while seated. It enables me to make the seat a comfortable width just for you.
  8. Shoulder width:  measure the outside edges of the shoulders across the front or back.  This measurement allows me to adjust the width of the back slats. 
  9. Overall height:  your height measurement helps in determining the overall size of the chair.

Rocking Chair Measurements

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As you can see, accurate measurements make for wonderfully comfortable adult rocking chairs.

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