What are the best rocking chairs and how do you know when you've found one?

Before beginning the quest to find the best rocking chairs out there, we first ask the simple question: what must a custom rocker actually do for you?

What is the main reason for seeking a custom, hand made rocker? Do you want it for warming your toes by the fireplace? Or, do you want it to provide great lower back relief? Or is it simply for show?

Everyone has different needs and expectations. No two people have the exactly the same kind. So, coming to grips with what you really want is vitally important for the best results. Then you can consider the value of various qualities.

Most rockers are assemblages of compromises. A little inspection will show this to be true. The common approach is to simply take a standard chair, chop off the legs a little, and put runners on it. Voila, a rocker is born!

Well, yes in the technical sense, but such a chair is inadequate in terms of comfort. (I'll discuss why this is the case a little later.) There are few really well-designed and well-built custom pieces out there and it leaves a feeling like you have to compromise and accept what is available and not expect to get one of the best rocking chairs made. That should not happen with a custom rocker.

"You deserve better and I am here to help."

I believe that all top notch rockers should be designed to fit the body and not the other way around. They must provide comfort to the WHOLE body: back, bum, and brain!

The best design allows you to recline for an extended period of time and then rise feeling refreshed, not sore and uncomfortable. This kind of comfort is available and I will help you find it.

Follow each of these links below and you'll have a better understanding of how to choose the best chair for you! I'll show you how to address four important factors of Comfort, Quality, Style and Design.

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