The Custom Handmade Rocking Chair has a Beauty and Strength Reaching Deep
into Its Construction.

The handmade rocking chair must reach the highest standards of fit and finish because that's what YOU deserve, and that's my aim. Anything less is unacceptable.

When built right, each chair makes a positive statement about you, your taste and expectations. Day after day, year after year, the rocker returns your initial investment with superb comfort, beauty, and peace of mind.

This is only possible by the use of the finest materials and joinery techniques in the hands of a highly talented craftsman. There is a reason why these kinds of chairs are so rare. They are the most difficult pieces of furniture to make.

Shoddy workmanship isn't tolerated because the high stresses common to the rocking chair cause inferior parts or joints to fail.

Most of the joinery is also on open display for your viewing pleasure, so good looking joints are important. The very best rockers display the craftsman's mastery of the art of fine joinery by making them beautiful accent points.

Below, you will find links to the building process I use when creating your special chair. It's divided into 7 descriptive categories that allow you to gain a better understanding of just how this incredible chair is made.

Each category has its own easily-accessible page with descriptions, discussions, and photographs. I'll describe the basic ideas and techniques used in each category and talk about how the choices made affect the benefits received.

The categories included are: Joinery, Seat, Back, Slats, Arms, Runners, and Legs.

It's no wonder why craftsmen around the world consider the handmade rocking chair the most difficult piece of furniture to make. There are over 250 steps involved with building one custom rocking chair of my design.

Other fine craftsmen use similar procedures to the ones described in the categories above. They usually take fewer steps because building the often-used Maloof-style rocker is slightly less complex than the unique style I produce.

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