A Hand Made Rocking Chair Really Moves Your Soul with the Right Kind of Legs.

A hand made rocking chair that has well built, graceful legs will perform beautifully for decades to come.

They don't just happen, though; they're the result of good design and artistic flair, all with the aim to please you. The best chairs have these important characteristics in common.

  • No sharp edges on the legs
  • Sharp edges on custom rocking chair legs make it look blocky and prefabricated. Our bodies are rounded and have no edges, so the chair should be of a similar make. There is an instinctive sense of satisfaction when seeing a smooth, rounded surface.

    It takes considerable effort on the part of the craftsman to make attractive, rounded legs, but I think you will agree the benefit is well worth the effort.

  • Beefed-up attachment points to ensure very long life

    The best rocking chairs have very secure joinery. Nowhere is that more important than where the legs attach to the seat.

    A common type of joinery used is the bridle joint. This type of joint allows a large section of the leg to be glued into and surrounded on three sides by the seat.

    Long stainless steel screws are screwed through the leg and into the seat to add strength.

    The runner-to-leg attachment point is also rounded and shaped to make the joint more attractive.

  • Subtle leg curves to bring a peaceful feeling

    Curved legs add a sense of gentle, easy motion to the hand made rocking chair. Curving them forward where they attach to the runners seems to say, "come here and rock in me."

    The rear legs on my custom rocking chair design are strong and gracefully arched to transfer forces to the runners while still looking beautiful.

  • Legs not "made for walkin'"

    One of the worst situations I've seen in rocking chairs is the"walking chair." This rocker cannot seem to stay in one place, usually because of legs that are not attached properly to the runners.

    If one leg is slightly longer than the others, the whole chair becomes unbalanced enough to cause a wobble when rocked. That wobble results in a forward or backward runner motion, which in turn, makes the chair move about.

    That's enough to drive you off your rocker!

    Accurately designed and fitted parts will take care of this problem before it even happens.

Hand made rocking chair legs allow the talented craftsman to use his artistic ability by bringing beauty to you. The best legs appear light and airy, but are amazingly strong. To find out more about the design of the custom rocking chair, click here.

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