Modern Rocking Chairs are Carefully Finished to Enhance and Preserve Their Beauty.

Modern rocking chairs require a process that creates a durable, attractive and smooth finish, which is tailor-made for their surroundings.

The best, smoothly-finished chairs invite you to touch and enjoy the sensation. There are many ways to achieve a great look and feel for your custom rocker. I'll describe the process I use for achieving a great finish for you in the links below.

The simple fact of the matter is that different finishes have different strengths and weaknesses. Different preparation methods also affect the way those finishes appear.

There are many volumes in bookstores and libraries dedicated to finishing wood. Some show how to use coatings that are quite noxious, while others offer a decidedly more "green" approach.

I have seen articles that encourage sanding hour after hour until a mirror finish is created before applying the protective coating. I have also seen ones that say not to finish the rocker at all; let it gain a "natural patina." All this information can be confusing, for sure!

The way I approach this whole concept of finishing your beautiful custom rocker is by asking you a few simple questions.

  • First, is your chair going to be used primarily inside or outside?
  • Secondly, what kind of surface do you expect to use it on?
  • Finally, do you like high gloss, medium gloss or a mellow low-sheen finish?

Your answers to these three questions enable me to choose the best way to prepare and finish your heirloom. Your needs may be different than someone else. That's why I don't finish each chair exactly the same way.

My aim is to give you options that will help you enjoy the very best that modern rocking chairs have to offer for decades to come.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me with your questions; I'm here to serve.

As promised earlier, here are two links that will give you more information about the finishing process I use. They are called Prep for Success and The Finish Line.

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