The Hand Made Rocking Chair
Can Use Vertical Spindles
or Horizontal Slats
for Back Support; I Choose Slats
for Ultimate Comfort.

A hand made rocking chair that uses horizontal slats for supporting the back has benefits over chairs that use vertical spindles. Here are several reasons for this.

  • The best support for the back mimics the shape of the back.

    Horizontal slats connected to a vertical spine most closely resemble the human back. In my judgment and experience, this arrangement fits better and offers a wider support surface than narrow spindles.

    A lot of experimentation has gone into designing this best-fitting back support and I think you will agree it is supremely comfortable.

  • Horizontal, curved slats offer a more natural arc to fit across your whole back.Spindled rockers can offer good comfort around the area of the lower back, but that support diminishes the higher up you go, as the spindles fan out.Horizontal slats, on the other hand, offer a constant, beautifully shaped support system along the entire back. When pressure is spread over the whole back, instead of concentrated in one area, overall comfort improves.
  • Horizontal slats flex and twist to conform to your back.Spindled rockers can flex some, but I have yet to see any that can twist. The edge-supported slats on the hand made rocking chair I've designed can actually twist forward and backward an inch or two. This gives you added customization and a sense of security.
  • Slats offer a visual balance and a larger surface on which to display figured hardwoods.
  • By using 7 slats, the handmade rocker presents a very nice balance between positive and negative visual space.

    The slats also supply a lot of space for displaying the beautiful grain patterns in the wood. This enhances the "WOW factor" when someone first sees your chair.

Finally, horizontal slats perform a very valuable function by cradling your back along its whole length. This importance cannot be overstated.

Ultimately, a beautiful rocking chair that doesn't do its major job well will just sit in a corner looking pretty. This job is FITTING YOUR BACK!

Nothing is more enjoyable than rising out of your rocking chair feeling refreshed and relaxed. If you are interested in learning more about getting this perfect fit, click here on the Fitting Process link.

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