The Hand Made Rocking Chair
Succeeds or Fails
By the Shape of Its Back.

The hand made rocking chair must give you great back comfort or else it fails in its main job.

One way it helps your back is by using vertical or horizontal support structures. These hold the back, especially the lower lumbar region, and provide just the right kind of reinforcement for relaxation. Things like back curvature, support, and good tilt angles are crucial to your comfort, and here's why.

  • Your back is made with curves in it, so your rocking chair should have them too!

    It's painful to see so many rocking chairs built with such little thought about back comfort!

    The best-designed rocking chair has a back shape that curves in just the right places. These provide superb support starting at the lower lumbar region and moving up.

    Our lower backs are especially sensitive to poor alignment, so the right shape is critical for comfort there. The custom rocker back that's shaped right fits well into this crucial area, allowing your whole back to really relax.

  • Proper support of the back reduces tension and stress.

    This is no surprise. However, most of us don't know how much tension our backs endure throughout the day. The back is such an amazing combination of muscles, tendons, discs and bones, designed to do many different motions.

    Unfortunately, as we age, our back strength and flexibility begin to reduce. Before long, chronic pain can set in. One way to help reduce or even prevent pain is by taking advantage of the proper support that's built into the back of your hand made rocking chair.

    No chair leaves my shop until I am confident that the double curves built into it will securely cradle your back and allow it (and YOU) to fully relax!

    For more information about how a rocker is designed to fit you click on this Fitting Process tab.

  • The angle of the back to the seat is very important for a comfortable rocking sensation.

    The best angle I've found for my rocking chairs is about 11 degrees tilted back from the vertical position. This angle, combined with differing leg heights and runner placement, tilts your back to around 25 degrees.

    That angle provides an ideal "sweet spot" so you can fully enjoy the benefit of a secure rocking motion. No worries about being thrown forward out of the chair or tipping over backwards!

Your back endures a great deal of stress during the day. The twisting, reaching, lifting, etc., all add up to tired and sore muscles.

The hand made rocking chair, with a specially designed, flexible back is one of the very best ways to give your sore body some much-needed relief.

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