Seeking Adult Rocking Chairs That Fit Well and Provide Hours of Comfort?

When you are serious about finding comfortable adult rocking chairs, several issues come to mind.

First, does the design of the chair force you to sit up ram-rod straight?

In other words, does it have that capital "L" shape? Many rockers are pretty to look at but the unflinching right angle structure gives little real support to the human back. In a more comfortable rocker, the seat back should tilt about 25 degrees from the vertical resting position.

Second, does it provide that all important lower back pain relief?

The majority of people experience some level of discomfort in the lower lumbar region ranging from mild to severe. No big surprise here, because it is this part of the back that curves most intensely and is subject to the greatest twisting forces.

The trick is to make a hard material such as wood conform to your back, not the other way around. Sit in many adult rockers and you will find that your lower back must flex considerably in order to make contact with the seat back. Is it any wonder that so many of these chairs are designed with cushions in mind?

Third, does the builder have a good understanding of human biomechanics (i.e. the science of body motion)?

If not, then the rocker may not feel right when rocked back and forth. Here are some things to look out for. A poor rocker...

  • has arms that are uncomfortably thin or too high, leading to pressure points and fatigue for the user.
  • creates a rocking sensation that is quick and abrupt, defeating the intended purpose of relaxation.
  • has back rails that are too close together, hitting right between or on the shoulder blades (ouch!).
  • has an unbalanced center of gravity, causing a noticeable sensation of tipping over backwards or being thrown forward out of the chair.

Finally, can the chair maker adapt his product to any body type?

There is really no way that a 5 ft. tall 120 lb. person and a 6 ft. 4 in. 250 lb. person can be comfortable in the same chair. People come in many different sizes and so should the chair. The most thoughtful designs have YOU in mind.

I hope this information is beneficial. If you are interested in learning more, I've created another section which explains clearly how I make a supremely comfortable rocking chair by correctly addressing the Fitting Process.

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